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Every year, businesses spend about 800 million dollars on burglaries. Many of these thefts happen when businesses are closed and 58% of them are a result of forcible entry. Not to mention that one among the many thieves reports to have gained entry to the premises by picking locks or using a key. This is enough proof that many doors can be bypassed by almost anyone with intentions of breaking into a business. What’s more, it is an indicator of the numerous security threats business owners continue to face everyday. Business owners should be aware that no business is not prone to break-ins so the best thing to do is to put in proper security measures. Have a look at how you can reinforce a door and everything you require for business safety.

Reinforce the door frames. No matter the silk plates put on your door, if it is kicked continuously, it might end up breaking in the door frame. The reason for this is that the frame that secures the strike plate in position is normally an inch thick. That means if you want your door frame to impede forceful entry, make sure that you reinforce it. The ideal way of reinforcing your door frame is to add an additional layer of steel so that they do not split.

Do not forget to reinforce the door edges. Reinforcing the door is the next step the moment you are through with their door frame. The flimsiest part of the door is its edges. The edge of the door is where bolts go through to lock into the frame. The edge of the door is secured to the frame by the bolt and latch. What this means is that the edge of your door can get damaged if you are different is reinforced. Put a door wrap across your door to reinforce it. A door wrap creates a huge surface area essential to share the force over hence making it difficult to gain forcible entry.

Procure the hinges to harden the door. It is easy to pop off the hinges and detach the doors from the frame of a majority of commercial doors since they have exposed hinges. You might want to harden the door hinges by adding jamb pins so that you avoid your door from being plucked out. Installation involves taking away the screws from every hinge and replacing them with a security pin.

Pick resistant high-security locks. Similar to some lock homes, some business locks as well can be easily bumped and picked. As a result, it will be good if you take the door lock of your business for inspection to ascertain if it is solid enough. In case you need to replace your door lock, it will be good if you comprehend commercial door-lock grading to assist you to get the ideal high-security lock.

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